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Constant back pain.


Back pain: every movement is sheer torture

When back pain takes hold

Back pain: Almost everyone has experienced it at least once in their life. And when accompanied by a pulling sensation, every movement is sheer torture. Putting on socks or tying shoes, putting on a jacket or simply turning your head or body can cause excruciating pain. If back pain becomes chronic, sooner or later it will not only lead to an enormous loss in quality of life, but in the worst case, can even put a career and thus livelihood in danger. Back pain is no longer just a problem for the elderly. That’s because even more and more young people and adults are now affected by poor posture due to being permanently seated at work.

Where is the pain located?

There are many causes of back pain: poor posture, abnormal strain, too much strain due to excessive body weight or even stress, lack of exercise and various other illnesses. In most cases, however, the true causes of back pain cannot be located precisely. Because conventional examination methods such as computed tomography (CT) or tunnel MRI systems cannot do one thing: examine the affected region under the body’s natural weight-bearing conditions. For example, if a patient suffers from back pain while sitting or standing, the CT or tunnel MRI examination in the lying position will often not reveal anything.

The truly open upright MRI is different. The system can provide clarity in the search for the real cause of pain.

Tracing the hidden pain

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