No restricting tubes or crushing “sandwiches”!

Fully open construction with a view of your companion or TV.

Get an examination whilst feeling relaxed either sitting or standing.

More accurate diagnosis thanks to the use of the body’s natural weight-bearing.


Intradiscal pressure for different body positions, normalized to an upright position (100%). Test person 70 kg, 168 cm, 45 years old. A.L. Nechemson, Spine 1, #1, pp. 59-71, 1976; H-J. Wilke, P. Neef, M. Caimi, T. Hoogland and L.E. Claes, Spine 24, #8, pp. 755-762, 1999

The new view of back pain

Causes of pain have finally become visible. Why? Because the upright MRI, also known as the seated MRI, makes it possible to examine the body under its natural weight-bearing load and thus provides better diagnostic results. That’s because patients often complain of pain symptoms when they are sitting, standing, or walking that usually cannot be detected when lying down in a tunnel MRI system. Due to its open design, the upright MRI is the only system which allows for magnetic resonance imaging examinations in which weight-bearing joints such as the knees, hips or ankle or even the head and especially the spine can be examined in different positions.

Examination in every position

With the truly open MRI, patients can be examined in almost any position: sitting, standing or lying down. The advantage: real movement sequences such as rotation, inclination and overstretching, which lead to pain symptoms in everyday life, can be carried out and examined in the MRI scanner. The advantage of this unique scanner is the ability to examine the parts of the body affected in different positions (multi-positional imaging) which provides new approaches to diagnostics and subsequent therapy. Instead of featuring narrow tubes with ‘tunnel vision’, it is a truly open MRI system with full visibility and more freedom of movement.

Examination under natural weight-bearing conditions
Unobstructed view during the examination

Relax and take a seat

In contrast to narrow tube systems, the truly open upright MRI offers a much greater patient comfort regarding freedom of movement, an unobstructed view and noise. You have an unobstructed view while in the MRI during the scan and can see a large TV screen where you can watch a programme or view a DVD. Also, the wearing of headphones – as with tunnel MRI systems – is usually not necessary as the upright MRI is very quiet when in operation. The upright MRI is also suitable for examining elderly persons with restricted mobility or persons who are overweight.

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Sit or stand in the truly open system

Examination procedure

During the scan you are never left alone at any time. For the majority of examinations you are seated in the system, or depending on the type of scan you may be standing.

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